About Us

About Us and Who We Are!

Texas is our Home! We have lived here over 40 plus years. Each state has its own way of life and beautiful things about it. Thanks to our parents, we have traveled extensively through most of the United States and savored the beauty outside the Lone Star State lines. With this in mind we want to share with you why the Texas Bath House Gals call Texas Home.

We are two sisters with a passion for the Lone Star State and empowering all the joys, beauty, and Charm that comes with it. This is why we want to share with you the pleasures of Texas. Our products reflect the Fragrances, Sights, Smells, Feelings, Beauty, and History of Texas.

We are the Texas Bath House Gals. Giving y'all the opportunity to fall in love with the same things that we hold so dear. With this in mind we want to offer you Soaps 'n' More, that will immerse you in  "A Cleansing Experience".

Remember ~~ Reduce, Re-purpose, Reuse, Recycle to help preserve our Texas Charm! It's not just a say'n, it's a belief. We only have one Texas! If we all work together to REDUCE our carbon footprint, REPURPOSE to give new life to objects, REUSE to cut down waste in landfills, and RECYCLE whenever possible, we can continue to Preserve the Beauty That Is Texas!